Tim Newhouse

Composer, Musician and Arranger

November 2015

Two nights ago, a year's worth of work and planning was presented in the form of my graduation recital - with projected scoring, live electronic processing, a big band, Facebook, actors, and an 18-piece ensemble (chamber orchestra and jazz rhythm section). It went fantastically well, and I was fortunate enough to have a very appreciative audience, a superb technical and sound team, and a group of extraordinary young musicians. I don't plan for this to be the last concert with this ensemble - that's how much fun I had this year!

Preceding this, WAYJO worked very hard to present Danny Susnjar's suite Musica Criolla. Danny got the best out of the band and we concentrated hard - the result was a very fun set of music that is still buzzing in my head to this day. Such a great band; I always treasure playing with these people and learning a great deal from the remarkable opportunities the organisation manages to provide us.

I also wrote music for a couple of theatre shows at The Actors Hub - one such show is premiering tonight. I focused on developing very simple musical material through electronic layering and effects processing, and I'm very happy with how this is influencing me creatively.

The plan now, apart from having my wisdom teeth removed, is to workshop some new pieces, develop my electronic setup, keep doing gigs and begin talks for a number of 2016 projects including musicals, software design and... more very exciting things. To anyone who's read this blog - thank you for continuing to indulge this part of my life!