Tim Newhouse

Composer, Musician and Arranger

June 2015

I can't believe I only have one semester left in my undergraduate degree. These three years have been all kinds of rewarding.

I've never had so much music to write at any one time. I'm finishing up Ad-Lib (Jesse and Thea)'s commission, had the good sense to find shelter, which explores improvisatory capabilities of tibetan singing bowls, the saxophone tubing and has interesting structural elements. This will be played in France and Wales next month - the collaboration's been absolutely fantastic. Other works in the works include dysthymia: a flexible, graphically realised score that can be performed by a great deal of solo performers, whether acoustic or electronic. Both Jarrad Linke (clarinet in A) and Josten Myburgh (laptop) will play this at separate concerts. I've started Daily Pages for WAYJO, which combines tango rhythms with attempts to imitate the 'messy' textures from one of my favourite conceptual albums in Music for Heart and Breath, by Richard Reed Parry. These are achieved by each member of the orchestra's pulse being determined by their individual heart and breath rates, and since I'm not keen to acquire such equipment, I want to achieve these textures in more improvisatory ways. I'm also taking part in a workshop program run by the South Side Symphony Orchestra at the end of the year, where Sunset Skies will be played - that's just for fun so I can get to know orchestral concepts a bit better. String writing in a jazz context is also being explored in Liquid Glass, which I'm playing piano in and recording with a professional string quartet tomorrow.

WAYJO's performance at the Perth International Jazz Festival, despite having to contend with the flu, was fantastic. James Mustafa wrote an incredible three-movement suite for us; I've learnt a great deal from him over the last week both through playing that work and getting feedback from him on the work I've been doing. His music and attitude are both very inspiring. Along with works by some past and present band members, we played Ron Stone Park, which I have to say is one of my most complete compositions. The feedback I've gotten from James and others has reflected that feeling - it's very satisfying. The Newhouse Collective also played at the PIJF, where Thought Catalogs was finally premiered. I'm also very proud of how this turned out, and the guys made a great fist of it given the very limited rehearsal time.

So much keeps happening! I really hope I can squeeze in some holidays these holidays.