Tim Newhouse

Composer, Musician and Arranger

August 2015

This feels like the busiest time of my life; but it's all great. Lots of really cool stuff is happening and there's plenty to be excited about for the future.

WAYJO are in the middle of a very intensive period preparing for two big concerts with Ed Partyka, a composer and bass trombonist who teaches at Graz University in Austria. I like Ed's compositional sound worlds and he's a hilarious man who always has very good stuff to say and says it with a graceful confidence. I took part in a composition workshop with him as well and hung on his every word, from his experiences travelling to all parts of the world to his knowledge of the big band genealogy. Rehearsals with him require immense concentration and a big sound but it all contributes to what is looking like a very diverse education in the modern big band scene, which inspires my own large ensemble work.

Along with frantically putting the final touches on my recital works for chamber orchestra, jazz rhythm section and electronics, I'm presenting my half-hour suite Thought Catalogs at the State Library next month and preparing to workshop some solo contemporary classical pieces including two new works with electronics. I'm working with a Logic reverb plugin that fragments the different frequencies of the instrumental tone and creates this 'haze' of texture through the soloist playing a few unrelated phrases in quick succession, which is fun to experiment with on my alto flute and clarinets. WAYJO will also be workshopping my new big band composition daily pages - a foray into textural rhythmic manipulation and melodic-driven harmony.

Other goss? Very, very excited to be doing a gig in October with the Mace Francis Orchestra on bari, playing Carla Bley's music. Mace's band has released numerous records and won Bell awards and APRA awards and all kinds of things, and I never dreamed I'd get to play with such an incredible group.

On a completely different note, it's now time for me to record a midnight show on Sonshine FM. Dulcet tones guaranteed...