Tim Newhouse

Composer, Musician and Arranger



Rushed Metropolis

April 8, 12pm @ State Theatre Centre Courtyard - free entry

Propel Youth Arts WA have commissioned me to put on an installation I created two years ago that uses improvising musicians, actors and live laptop sound design to draw attention to the manic environment of Perth's CBD during peak hour. I will be controlling the laptop samples and cue the musicians on the fly using Facebook Messenger to construct a unique version of the installation. Very excited about this project, more details here: propel.org.au/2017-kickstart-festival/2017/4/8/rushed-metropolis


Raena Ophelia

April 13, 7pm @ Swallow Bar - free entry

Sideman (piano)


Wendy's Jazz Bar

April 17, 8pm @ Inglewood Night Markets

Jazz duo (tenor saxophone)


Opening for The Lighthouse Girl

April 29, 8pm @ State Theatre of WA

Jazz trio (tenor saxophone)